Anonymous asked:

Hello beautiful Rosie! my arms are very scared, like yours and I really want to wear them in public. My sister is pushing me to go swimming but I'm not ready yet. She really doesn't understand and I have never shown her how deep the scars actually are. My family is too ignorant to understand my problem but should I talk to them and my friends who don't even know about my past before I wear the scars in public or just do it which would shock them...? Pleas help I really value your opinion😘thanks

aglitterofmymind answered:

Hey! For me, I have always shown my scars first, then answered the questions, if your family are ignorant to them, I questing (but may be wrong) that they don’t ask questions? To me that is a bonus because I don’t have to be asked questions (hope that’s makes sense haha) if you want to talk to your friend about it do, that’s what friends are for, and I’ve found my true friends through talking to them, they’ve stuck by me though everything an I would trust them with anything!
But DO IT, go swimming and f what anyone thinks, why should you have to miss out because of other people misunderstanding or nosey ness? You are a person, a strong man/women with feelings,views and opinions and you are most definitely not your scars, or other peoples opinions on them! Ok, you can do this, I believe in you xx